CAST is a remote control vehicle supporting a three-axis gimbal acting as a camera stabilizer.

Shooting moving images can be challenging. Professional or semi-professional equipment such as camera dollies and steadicams are expensive, complex to handle and require several skilled operators. This paper describes a solution for any amateur or filmmaking enthusiast interested in camera movements with ease and at a decent cost. CAST (Connected Automatic Stabilized Travelling) is the proof of concept of this solution. It is developed as part of an end-of-study project at ECE Paris in partnership with the company PARROT.

Any platform equipped with a browser may control CAST that is conceived as a mainstream and Plug & Play product.

The vehicle is composed of a Wild Thumper robot where a Raspberry Pi is embedded along with a power controller for its motors. The gimbal structure is composed of aluminium and it supports three brushless motors position controlled by an AxelMos Basecam 32 bit board. The Raspberry Pi hosts a web application using Node.js platform that provides real-time streaming and the possibility to control the robot and the camera using virtual joysticks.

This solution demonstrates the possibility to shoot smooth moving shots while framing with the video stream. CAST combines features from various tracking shots equipment and allows anyone to experiment some effortless shooting.


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