ELVAM aims to propose a package allowing amateur artists to practice video mapping.

The video mapping has been around for 7 years, however, existing solutions are exclusively reserved for graphics professionals and 3D animation because they are relatively expensive.

The mapping consists of projecting video, and 3D surfaces using a video projector, light rays, synchronized with music. Our pack is composed of a video projector, an external controller, a sound card and our software HeavyM. This software manages the audio analysis and extract the main components of music. These components are then sent to the "video renderer" that can associate them with different effects such as segmentation of faces, color change, rotation opposite edges of ignition. The artist can interact in real time and at any time during the delivery, with the software to change the effects.

We decided to develop our project as open source to give users the possibility to improve HeavyM adding effects for example. In addition, we stand out from existing video mapping by providing a cheap solution.


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