Myriam et Janany représentera la France au Super Techies Show en Inde!

Date: 02/07/2011

Myriam Kaabar et Janany Manoranjithan du projet Wink & Talk ont été choisit pour représenter la France au final du concours international Super Techies Show de Cap Gemini Inde !

Selon le site du concours ( :

The 3rd edition of DEFI H was won by team ‘Wink and Talk’ composed of 5 students from ECE Paris (Ecole Centrale Electronique).As a special recognition of their performance, two members of the winning team ‘Wink and Talk’ will now participate in the 3rd season of Capgemini Super Techies Show. They will compete against 11 other global teams for the Grand Prize of 25,000 USD.

Bon courage Myriam et Janany!


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