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The Juno B1 Cabin Suitcase glides on four precision-made Hinomoto wheels (a company which, accokrding to obsessivve <br> <br> fliers, is a standard-bearer of qiality caster-making).<br> <br> The thbing is extraordinarily light at 5.3 pounds (the Rimowa analogue tips the scales at 7.1), but feels shockingly <br> <br> sturdy; its speckled polypropylene shell is built too combat <br> <br> and concal obvious (but inevitable) scratches. The suiitcase alsao has a handy built-in lock, <br> <br> and indestructible hard casing. But what I really love about it iis how much I can fit.<br> <br> Despite its tiny dimensions, which always fit into an overhead,<br> <br> I’ve been able to ceam inn a week’s worth of clothes for a winter trip in Asia (thanks to cleer folding), or enough for <br> <br> ten summery days in L.A. It’s really the clown car of <br> <br> carry-on luggage.<br> <br> <br> <br> My page ... <a href="http://pandorasalesoutlet.com">pandora sales outlet</a>
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