Time2Share is an innovative web application that can help people to organize events.

The user can create an event and invite his contacts. He can also choose the start and the end time of his events or use our automatic search for common niches. This search considers the calendar of each participant invited to the event and proposes some niches optimized for the most people. The events of the user, created from Time2share or imported from Facebook, will be in a unique calendar.

Another functionality which brings a value added to Time2share is the proposal of personalized activities. The system learns the type of the activities or the events created by the user or which he was invited. Depends of his profile, Time2share will propose him some offers or event that may interest him. For example, if he often organizes some dinners in Japanese restaurants, an offer will be sent for a restaurant closed to him. This functionality will be interesting for the user, who will be informed of the events around him and for the suppliers who will be able to find easily new clients by targeted advertising. A page with the profile of the user is also available in the website if the user wants to put himself his preferences.

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