SpyHawker is a small box that can be integrated to bikes to enable localisation and detection of attempts of vandalism.

Our project is to create a system capable to locate the position of bikes of rent but also to detect the attempts of vandalism.
It is a small housing which will be integrated on bikes; its size will allow us to easily hide it inside a part of the bikes which of course will not be accessible by the user.
The data of location of each bike and the alerts of vandalism will be grouped on the web site that we have developed but also on the Androïd Application.

Our project will be used by rental companies which, it can be seen, suffer from many thefts and vandalism. This is especially the case of Velib’ in paris.
So the main goal of our system is to allow these rental companies to quickly find abandoned bikes by geolocation and reduce vandalism by discouraging the thief from stolen the bike thanks to the alarm.

For that, we provided our system with a GPS in order to receive data of location of the bikes, an accelerometer in order to detect vandalism and a Arduino Uno card that manage the sending of data in a timely manner.
All these information are transported on the SIGFOX network and this is where our project is innovative. Indeed, SIGFOX network is a new network more then twice less expensive than GSM networks usually used for geolocation. Moreover, this network is a low consumption network. The battery used to supply our system can last 2 years which is better for the environment.

It is important to know that the velib’ society has two kinds of employee (link to the bikes). The first kind is office employees which could use our website to access the information of location about the bikes quite instantaneously and could display them directly on a map from google MAP.
The second kind is, we could say, « seekers » . Indeed, these employees are constantly in their cars searching for bikes. But it is important to mention that they work only with reporting of stolen bikes from people. this is not always efficient, most of the time these reports lead to a failure; there is no bike found when they finally arrive at the destination indicates by people. So we can say that our system will provide them certainty.

Indeed, on the Androïd application on their tablet they could see the complete adresse of the location of the bike also on a map, so they could also approximatively see the route which can leads them te the bike.
Moreover, these employees constantly drive around Paris searching for the bikes which cause a very high consumption of fuel.

Plus, the thefts of bikes lead to the production of new ones which is very expensive (650€ whose 450€ funded by the town hall of Paris).
All these facts are obviously harmful for the environment but also cost a lot to the society both in terms of money, time or energy.
These costs for the society but also to the environment could be avoid thanks to our project.

In conclusion, our system allow these rental companies to save time, money and energy by providing them directly the address of the location of the bikes and by using an inexpensive network which consumes little energy.

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