Smart Home Wearable Controler 2

Our mission was to be able to locate the user thanks to a smartwatch in every room of his house. The goal is to suggest automatically to switch on or off electronic devices located near the user.

Nowadays, the creation area is almost over, the future is in innovation. To innovate is taking inventions, already existing technologies and link them to create an whole new product. Innovations are made to facilitate our everyday life. In this goal, home automation is at our service and more and more present in our lives.

So what to do with your smartphone when smartwatches and location systems are coming on the market? Let's connect all these technologies and obtain the indoor geolocation thanks to the bluetooth technology to be at home automation service.

Our project consist in developing an application divided in two parts : to locate the smartwatch thanks to the iBeacons (bluetooth transmitter) and to send this information to the smartphone which could then transmit the calculated location, for instance to the smartwatch.

Finally, we succeeded in getting the user location on the smartphone and sending this information on the smartwatch so that the user can access it from his wrist.

Our part linked to other modules will offer the user - depending on the room of his house where he is - different options, different scenarios. For instance, the automatic opening or closing of doors or shutters when the user arrives at home or leaves, the automation of indoor or outdoor house lighting according to the room where the user is, or the switching on or off of household appliances, for example.


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