TimeLaps Slider


The main goal of our project is to allow people to open themselves to new fields of creativity, particularly in the photography domain.

The team, composed of 6 people among which we have 3 photographers,  thought of an innovative way to make time-lapse. Currently, most time-lapses are handmade, by moving the camera inches by inches manually or using a rig, which is a very cumbersome restrictive system  because of its linearity.

The solution we came to was to build a light portable automated moving slider. It would not only answer the issues raised but it would allow non-linear time-lapses, giving possibilities of perspective tricks.We managed to make a user-friendly application that, through a Bluetooth protocol,  communicates parameters to our slider’s board. These parameters, once received, allow us to move the slider and to take pictures. The user just need to set the moving wheel direction with his/her hand before launching the time-lapse.

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