The first purpose of the Percephone that has been aimed was to create a musical controller in order to control the software Ableton Live.

This software is commonly used by musicians, djs and music producers. It is designed to play music samples, to record, to control effects and many other features. With the Percephone we have focused on launching samples, controling effects and using synthesizers.

The first part of our research was to perform a state of the art in order to discover and analyse what already existed on the market. We have realised that none of them had a spherical shape and overall none of them used spatialisation of movements. The second part of our research was to find out which were the most appropriate components and technologies to be used. We have all agreed on a pad, touch sensors, sliders, a potentiometer, a joystick and distance sensors and also the use of a graphical programming software called Max For Live. This software is an addon to Ableton Live, it gives the ability to program sounds and control it.

The Percephone offers musicians a new way to control their favorite software having the computer far from their hands and an optimized ergonomic.

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