We propose to the users to save the articles they find interesting on the web under a personal space they can consult when they want on our interface.

The principle is simple: you have to install an extension on the navigator Google Chrome. The extension enables to save the articles you find interesting.

You have two ways to save the articles you want. The first one is the simple save. In fact you save only the hinge open on the navigator. The second way to save is the multiple save. This method allows saving all the hinge open on the navigator. During the save you must choose the category that you want the article go. At the same time of the save the article snaps a transformation. In fact we called a script of save which permit to recover the article without all the noise that is to say deleting the publicity and the useless links.

Once we past this step, you must connect at our web interface to have access to your article. First we propose to our interface to login. After the login we have access to your own space and you can find all the articles you select to be saving on the category you choose at the moment of saving. You can change the category of the article on our own space if you mislead at the moment of the saving.

To finish you can consult your article on a different support, the Iphone. Firstly you must download our application on your iphone. Once on the application you have to login with your name and your password. We’ll see your category with the article you save on your screen.

To conclude we propose a innovative and fun project. It can insert easily on the market grace at the advent of the tablet which is the adequate format to consult article. It exists other applications look like ours are on the market but we are different because we add features they don’t have like the categorization and the multiple save.

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