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Development of an application to provide services facilitating tasks within the Cisco Showroom.

The final project study is the first professional activity within the university curriculum. It allowed us to professional companies’ demands, by providing to them some application services. A new showroom has been installed in Cisco Paris locals, including a wide variety of equipment, such as servers, applications and surveillance cameras.

The aim of our project was to develop a component to retrieve location data from the corresponding server in the showroom, and display them as a positioning inside the showroom. According to these information, the proposed application offers to the user the possibility to view the flow of the IP cameras which are inside the room where he was located in, after being connected to the media server implemented. Thus, a ‘Help’ button dedicated to ask for a service from system or application administrators is planned, in order to propose a way to call, send an email or an IM to an administrator directly from the application, thanks to a specific connection to the Presence server.

Hardware and software limitations prevented us to progress on the cameras subject: RTSP flows imposed by the server are not supported and compatible with the current version of Android operating system, installed on the Cisco CIUS that integrate the application. On the other side, the application allows to formally display the actual position of the pad it is installed onto, and offers the possibility to connect to cameras of different rooms in order to manage them. In addition, as expected, the tool presents a list of application directors that the user can solicit by audio/video calls, email or IM. All servers’ addresses are dynamically integrated to the application and can be changed so that this application interacts with different platforms.

This project allowed us to explore different ways to connect to servers in order to use their returned data to establish an application that permits to monitor and manage equipment in a very rich and complex way area. It also was our first experience with a customer require, with high quality work.

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