PartyBay helps you organise events adapted to your needs and your budget.

The idea of creating PartyBay came during a conversation between our group of friends who wanted to celebrate the birthday of one of us. A pretty important event for him because he works in a big company and doesn’t have time to celebrate this kind of occasion, so he chooses to plan a event in his house for his birthday. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, the party will never happen.

Indeed, we all have had the occasion to welcome some friend at home, and more there is invited people, more the event is going to be delicate to organize, and sometimes it happen that the person who organize the party regrets for having a party in his own house. The party could easily become the worst nightmare for the organiser. Starting from that point PartyBay wants to responds to the needs of these people by giving them the opportunity to plan their event online in a dedicate service for event planning and parties according to clients wishes and budget.

We believe that it is essential to celebrate important moment in your life. This is what defines us. That’s why we provide for your use several unusual and unique places, talented artists, different way of payment and many other services in order to allow you to create the party of your dream and to make it unforgettable.

PartyBay is a young French start‐up and its aim is to develop an online service for event organization and parties. This service consists of a website plus a mobile application. Theses services will enable their users to rent a place and an artist and could also have access to others services (materials rent, security services, cleaning services). Moreover the mobile application will be oriented on a social side, users will be able to track their friends and to have an access to their pictures taken during the event. It will be a complement for the website and will enable us to create a social network for sharing pictures and also to have a targeted contact with the user which is using a personal smartphone.

To finance your event and to make the party of your dream, PartyBay offers you the possibility to several ways for financing your event: Contribution to a common pot to raise the funds, online ticketing and direct payment. A group of friend can easily finance their event together by a common pot.

PartyBay deals with the organization of your event for you while offering you the opportunity to hire people who will make your evening unforgettable. We offer our best DJs, dancers, barman from a different and varied panel of talented artists and sublime places that are waiting for you.

Night after night, city after city, PartyBay innovate so that you can simply create a unique experience that mix art discovery and joy to celebrate life with your friends. It's the biggest night of the world. The website will therefore allow anyone to organize its own party like he wants and without exceeding his budget.

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