Paris Eiffel Campus

Development of a smartphone application to improve communication between administration, teachers and students within the Campus.

In our school we have noticed that a simple and efficient communication tool between the administration, teachers and students is missing. Indeed, the only way of communication is email and nowadays with all the communication technologies there is no tool existing yet to communicate or to access informations about our school. This is why we asked ourselves how to improve the communication within the campus.

Therefore, we were interested in the project to develop a mobile application for our school. In this digital world where the technology is constantly evolving, nobody forgets his "smartphone" , so a mobile app is a tool improving, in one hand, internal communication, and in the other hand, the external school image.

With Paris Eiffel Campus, the administration could send notifications to students to inform on various issues (teachers lateness, room changes, etc...). Teachers will be able to tell students that they just have updated or added new pdf lessons or that the deadlines of the project has changed. A plan of every buildings and every rooms will be available to facilitate their access and a list of the unused rooms will allow students to group and work on their projects. The other main tool is a directory that would be a search engine allowing the user to find anyone in the school. Paris Eiffel Campus is an additional tool to Campus to ease the various exchanges between all the actors of the school. If the system runs well, it would become a great marketing argument to attract new students.

Moreover we decided to go through an open source solution : uMobile which is developed to provide an Android and iOS application for universities campus. uMobile is based on uPortal which is linked to databases to return the necessary informations to uMobile which will can be used by users.

However, this open source project uses high-advanced technology, we had at first to understand the very complex architecture of the project couple to its poor documentation. We also had to level up our skill on technologies which were totally unknown to us and hard to learn.

In conclusion, we offer a starting platform with a rich documentation on setting up the environment of Paris Eiffel Campus. Our application can be put on school servers to be used. Additional functionalities can continue to be implemented so uPortal can replace school academic websites.

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