Open Sense Maker 1

Open Sense Maker project is a "PPE" processing the data collected in the habitat with a domotic box, Zipabox.

The purpose of this project is to provide a web platform Open-Source where the user can access statistical tools not present on conventional proprietary applications.

Today, the main domotic box manufacturers provide mobile applications or websites linked directly to the box and can interact with it. These applications perfectly fulfill their role to act on different habitat equipment connected to the box (such as shutters, alarm or heating). By cons, these applications allow only very briefly to view its data and analysis and it is on this point that we bring added value compared to proprietary solutions. We do not want to replace the use of proprietary applications because we do not act on the equipment but we try to make an add-on for specialists in automation or individuals who want a better way to manage their equipment.

Our first angle of attack was to learn about the broad spectrum of home automation today. Indeed it is an area with multiple international actors, Zipato is a Croatian company for example, and it lacks of standards that can standardize the market especially in the operation from domotic box. We have chosen to take Zipabox because it had a development API, and she was one of the most common references in the domotic market. At first, we tried to understand the operation of the Zipabox to retrieve sensor data that we connected to it. The first issue appeared at that time, the API provided by the manufacturer does not allow to retrieve the data and store them in a database specific to our platform. We conducted researches to try to develop a solution for recovering data without the site owner Zipabox.

Finally, thanks to the work begun on a large home automation forum, we were able to implement a solution in PHP solving this problem. In a second phase, our project wants to make a gain in habitat management of energy by providing advice on the management of heating or brightness to allow electricity savings. Our web platform is built using PHP coupled with MySQL database where it stores the recovered data Zipabox.

We would, in the future, allow opening of our application to other domotic boxesmarket which could be achieved by using different APIs of other existing boxes on the market. This is one reason why our project is an open-source project given the rapid evolution of the domotic sector.

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