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In this huge consumption era, brands like Carrefour and Auchan, or Fnac and Darty share mutual positioning creating a real concurrency. They try to retain as well as they can their clients and increase their market shares. The key to consumer loyalty is its perfect understanding: how to bring these hypermarkets a tool to allow them to evaluate every client’s need?

With the advent of new technologies, consumers have an increasing need to manage their expenses. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, clients just throw their receipts, and so, don’t have any oversee about their expenses: how to develop a system helping expenses’ understanding, without hindering user’s gait in hypermarkets?

Realized inside the program of End of Study Project of ECE Paris, engineering school, Novat is a system targeting to generate inside hypermarkets a personalized purchases’ analysis system, focusing over each consumer. Thanks to this concept, the shop can influence its sells by proposing consumption offers close from the products belonging to the client’s casual shopping cart. Hence, he has the capability to present some articles that the user is susceptible to buy in other places. The consumer would not receive a receipt in paper but numerical from which data would be extracted and then analyzed to make a state of art of his own consumption during the previous days, months, years.

To come forth to the outcome of this project, we have developed an Android mobile application for the consumer, and computer software implemented in java for the hypermarkets. These two systems are linked thanks to a NFC connexion allowing to identify the consumer during the checkout in the shop, and to attribute him the different promotions he has the right to receive.

The computer software has for main goal to stock and analyse the consumption of each user, and to develop the advertisement of the shop’s brand in a targeted way. By studying the expenses of a client on a determined time period, the hypermarket can modulate its offers compared to the need understood. Instead of welcoming a heap of clients, he hence has the possibility to consider each of them in a distinctive way: they become independent entities with a known and understood consumption profile.

Thanks to the NFC transfer, the consumer receives its ticket directly on his mobile application anytime he does his checkout in the hypermarket. Data are stored and analysed compared to accurate referencing criterion and adapted to anyone’s needs. A guarantee can, by example, easily be found back. Hence, he does have a global and specific vision over each of his expenses by connecting his phone less than one second on the NFC sensor.

Following the last touches over the first prototype, some questionnaires have been realised to target more efficiently Novat’s clients, and some meetings with the hypermarket actors will be organised to discuss over the viability of the project in real life situations.


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