Our project, LeBonQuartier, is a web site which objective is to evaluate a neighbourhood or a city in function of several criterias which composed this place.

These criterias belong to diferents domain areas. For example, we can list the number of metro stations (Transport) or the number of schools in the city (Education).

So our wabsite has two functions that users can use : to evaluate a place or to research a place.
The first point, the main function of the site, is to attribuate several grades (General, Education, Society, Transport) which can give an image of what the neighbourhood is.

And the second one is to research a place with diferents criterias which the user enters. For example, an user would be near a school, in a rich city with a lot of shops around him. So in the site, he enters : near shool, lot of shops and rich city which are pondered (valuted) criterias and the website lists for him places which satisfy as well as these criterias.

To illustrate our results, the website uses the API OpenStreetMap in order to map the datas. The map shows the position which the notation is done (address, neighbourhood or city) and also some criterias like metro stations, airports, high schools …

In all this project, the data used to evaluate and reseach provide from OpenData (open data sources like in our case “data.gouv.fr” or “data.ratp.fr”). Our idea in this project was to used these open datas in order to give them life ! That means these datas can be used to bring interesting informations to describe and to evalute a place.

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