A la Resto

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A la resto brings new features to the food delivery website appetise.fr.

People living in urban areas face the issue of lack of time to find a restaurant locally and to go personally to buy the food. To address this issue, the restaurants provide home-delivery service in order to meet demands of such potential clients. A lot of restaurants to promote this service, promote their restaurants via flyers with their menus. Apptise.fr is one site where restaurant owners get the opportunity to target online users and thus, attract a larger customer base. The current appetise.fr website is B2C (Business to Consumers). Restaurants who wish to appear in the search results of appetise.fr need to contact the appetise crew first. There is no B2B (Business to business) service provided.

With the “A la resto” project, which adds additional capabilities to the existing system, restaurants owners can build their own custom web site on appetise.fr’s domain. This website would not certainly be a static website. In fact, it would be integrated in the existing system in such a manner that it can appear in the search results of the existing site and can be personalized according to the choice of the restaurant owner. He can, now, create menus and change it in real time. The restaurant owners can also personalise their look, build a loyalty and fidelity packages for the recurring customers and keep up-to-date information existing in the website.

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