During the past 5 years, the home automation market has been a growth of about 35% to exceed the billion dollars in 2014. The JARVECE project aims to participate in the popularization of home automation.

The popularization of connected objects is actively involved in the development of home automation. As we have seen in years 1990-2000 in the disappearance of our desktop objects gathered in our phones, we will see our house management centralized in the coming decades.

The JARVECE project started from a simple observation: why all of us are dreaming of having a home assistant like Iron Man? And most importantly, how to get near of it? We are 5 students from ECE Paris and we decided to dedicate our research project 2014-2015 to the JARVECE project that aims to participate in the popularization of home automation. Future engineers that we are, we wanted to start from an existing project because students that we are, we do not have the skills to pretend revolutionize home automation: JARVECE became an open source project. The Gladys community was what we needed: a vocation to share, a long range, and the will to anticipate and assist users.

We joined this community to participate actively and directly with the founder in developing the Gladys V.2. In this version, we have made the user anticipation module.

Gladys V.2 now provides users with the ability to manage their connected objects from a web platform. This also let the opportunity for the user to define scenarios.

Gladys also allows the users to manage his calendar timing, his alarms, etc.

Moreover, we have developed a Gladys management application and a plug connected prototype. These modules will be added in the version Gladys V.2.

We believe that Gladys to the future over the long term. Indeed, the project has not yet reached its ultimate goal: the voice control and speech synthesis. It is a rewarding project for students because automation is primarily the gathering of technologies such as IT, electronics, and telecommunications. Engineering students can apply his knowledge to advance a concrete project.

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