Handicare proposes a system able to continuously monitor the heart activity of a patient during a few days while ensuring a certain freedom of movement.

Nowadays, heart failure affects more and more people. More than 15 millions of Europeans and 6 millions of american are attained by this sort of illness and scientists have foreseen an increase of 25% by 2030. Moreover, several places in France and in the world are completely empty of medical services, we call them « medical deserts ». A study of a device, which is able to continuously monitor the heart activity of a patient during a few days, but also to give him a certain freedom of movement, is reported here.

Results have been reached around a man testing our device and differents tests of our software and hardware parts. At the end of our hardware part, we were allowed to avoid completely the noise (Frequency : 50Hz) around the device thanks to a low-pass filter but also with a high-pass one that will elminate the Offset. Another part of the hardware is the amplification of the signal received from the heart, obtained with a gain of 131. Then, the software part with the treatment and the monitoring of the signals. On the one hand, a first software will collect the data from the electrodes and will save them on a SD card. These files are registered in a .csv file (Excel) and are organised by hour and date. On the other hand, a software diplays our 3 leads (from the memory card). It is possible to change the size of the curves, to extract from the graphes a pdf document, and finally to navigate through the hours and the days. The final result is the display of our heart activity, or electrocardiogram, during seven times 12 hours, directly on a screen.

Numerous processes are necessary to save an electrocardiogram for almost four days and the display of three derivations in a hand-held system. The acquisition of the heart activity, thanks to an Arduino board, is possible and reliable.

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