Happy offers a system which aims to facilitate the management of homemade restaurants.

Nowadays, people eat outside very often and they expect their food to be healthy and made strictly from quality ingredients and to know where it comes from. Homemade restaurants answer perfectly to these kind of request and founded themselves being the center of attention. These new business are particularly popular in big cities such as capitales. Homemade compagnies are mostly founded by young ambitious people, very active who are trying to be as close as the current trends as possible. In the last few years, brands like Blend, in Paris, developed themselves quickly. Blend already has 4 restaurants in only 3 years of existence. However, with youth often comes the lack of organisation. Business owners are focused on their products, their brand image, their customers and neglect a huge part of business management : intern communication, keeping track of their sales and costs, forecasting and stock management. These problems grow bigger and bigger each time a new restaurant is created. Homemade specificity is that every products are created the morning of the day they are sold. They are made in a “laboratory” (a separate place that will deliver the different products to each restaurant). This kind of product management depends on a precise to-do list that the cook has to prepare every morning. The goal is for the quantities on the list are as close as possible to the quantities that will be sold. In the actual way of working, almost ten percent of the total sales revenue is wasted due to a bad stock management. And these ten percent only represent the direct waste of having too much product. Not enough product is as bad as too much because it worsens the customer experience, for example when a product in the menu not available.

Hâpy is a simple and efficient solution. Our target audience is young and already at ease with new technologies. The solution is in two different elements : First of all a mobile application which facilitates the intern communication with an account system. Each account type gives you specific access :

  • A restaurant manager will be able to do the reporting to the owner in a simple, quick way. And a track of the report will be kept. The manager will also have access to the data concerning his / her restaurant.
  • The owner will be able to access to every data, to the forecast and to the stocks. If he happens to work in one of his / her restaurant, he / she will be able to make a report to keep track of the day.
  • The cook (in the laboratory) will be able to access his / her to-do list to fulfil before the opening of the restaurants.

Hapy’s second part will be a website, which presents the data in a more sophisticated and detailed way. It will allow the owner to keep up with all of his restaurants and to find sales patterns.

Hâpy offers a solution to help young people with a lot of idea and energy but little time manage their business. However, they still need to keep track of their sales in order to be successful. Hâpy handles the data for them and display it in a young and adaptable way, just like them.


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