Green Water

The Green Water project aims to transform the sun into drinking water. It consists in sizing a solar pumping system associated with a water purification system.

On Earth, more than one billion of people don't have access to drinkable water. And more precisely in subsahalienne Africa where the water consumption is below the needs. Those countries have the necessary water resources but no technical means or financial ones to access it.

So, or objective is to give a technical expert assessment that can allow the access to drinkable water and to finance this kind of access. This objective is going to need a double competence. On one side a tool that will permit to size the solar pump with the filtration system. One the other side: a donation platform for those projects.

We are proud of the results that confirmed the objectives that we planned. We actually end up with a tool that sizes the solar pump with filtration system. By inputting the required site data we have on the output the sizing of the whole system. We are thinking about improving this tool by adding the possibility to filter river and rain water or by changing the solar panel with windmill.

And for the financial part, we end up with an innovating donation platform that allows humanitarian projects and sponsors to coexist and to find both what they are looking for. We decided to extend this platform for all kind of humanitarian projects. The next goals for this platform: bring some visibility to it by looking for humanitarian projects and then sponsors. The platform will be accessible to everyone soon. Our partnership "Let's do it" is going to bring some projects in search for financing into the platform.

During this PFE we realized objectives fixed and we can say that we also try to make more by competing to the "Challenges Citoyens CGI". This competition is going to bring some visibility to our project and so we are thinking about pursuing this project into a start-up.

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