Green Light

Green Light’s project focuses on creating a skylight which is a system able to refract natural light to light places that don’t receive natural light.

The current energy model is mainly based on the use of fossil fuels which gradually deplete. Solar power which represents nearly ten thousand times our global needs would be much more interesting and the replacement as soon as possible of those dirty fuels by solar seems to be indispensable for the preservation of our environment.

Our skylight captures the light (mainly solar) and then takes it through home with optical fiber until it arrives in the places we want to light up.

Our way to work on the project was to divide the time we had in three steps. The first one was to search for documents in order to constitute a state of the art. Then, we had the analyze step, which was aiming to design the architecture of the future prototype. Finally, we came to the processing step, the one where we created the prototype especially where we made an Arduino program for the servo-motor.

Our results with the prototype are quite good since it could illuminate a room at a larger scale. That’s why, by using this system, we could come up to reduce energy problems.

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