The dSAS project aims to facilitate the detection of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a real social problem, which reduces the quality of life, mood alteration, sexual disorders, fatigue, headaches, etc.. Besides, recent studies have found a link with diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular problems, and hypertension. The project aims at measuring ECG, heart rate and oxygen saturation in a device similar to the size of a phone in order to make a diagnosis at home in comfort.

The information gathered from health professionals showed that it was entirely possible to diagnose sleep apnea. Moreover, various scientific publications studied also demonstrated the relevance of our minimal measurement choices. According to the researches we have conducted on a technical level, we concluded that it was possible to develop a compact instrumentation for these measurements while respecting the constraints of the medical field.

Thanks to the theoretical analysis and early technical work, we believe that this diagnostic method can be implemented within one year.

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