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D.E.R.P: dynamic allocation of workload for heterogeneous remote park.

For the last ten years, the processing power of computers hasn’t ceased climbing higher and higher, and the more they improved, the more we began encountering technical barriers. It is in this context that our PFE subject was proposed by a teacher-researcher from ECE who had a need for the processing power of the computers at school. The project, once realized, would make his job easier and be accessible to anybody. But this problem isn’t recent, numerous softwares already exist on the market with more or less similarities with ours, and our objective was to realize simple and intuitive workloads distribution software, in such a way that anyone could use it.

At first, we started by collecting the requirements of the project, then we did a benchmark of what was already done, and to see if anything could be used as a starting base or if we had to start from scratch. When that was done, we started by writing the technical documents that would guide our work while thinking about our valorization axe (Open Source), our mentor checking in with us at regular intervals.

We finally succeeded in developing our software that can manage the workload distribution among systems running under Windows, Linux or Mac, while using a simple web graphic user interface. It demarks itself from existing softwares by its system of group management, which allows us to affect workers to groups that can allow/restrict work at certain hours, a simple yet effective way to manage and adapt our project to the IT system of a school or laboratory.

It is possible to create a « computer » composed of many machines in the same manner that a computer could have multiple processors really easily. This is why in the case of researchers who have a lot of machines available; it is possible to make it more profitable while not actually spending any more money because the hardware is already here. But the concurrency is harsh and it isn’t easy to make an opening with innovative software because this domain is quite restricted and the people that could be interested really have a set of specific needs.

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