Cristal Trésorerie

Cristal Trésorerie is a cash flow forecast software allowing managers of start-ups to manage their accounts on their own in a simple way.

In the current economic context, the number of start-ups is increasingly growing. These special companies have a limited number of employees and ressources. This is the reason why they generally cannot afford the services of a full time employee to manage their accounting and treasury. Indeed, we can see that very often, these young companies go bankrupt due to bad financial management and, more precisely, bad treasury management. In order to help them to continue developing their activities, we developed a cash flow forecast software called “Cristal Trésorerie” allowing everybody to manage their own accounts in a simple way, so that even non-accounting specialists are able to use it on their own.

To do so, we had to translate all the accounting information which is often barely understandable into the current language and modify the way of collecting data to make the process as easy as possible for the user. Our software has been designed with two utilization modes. The first one is intended to be for users who have enough accounting abilities to fill in a classic accounting document. He thus introduces independently all the necessary data. The second one that we called “step by step”, is for a user with no real knowledge in business management. Indeed, we decided to help him in the complete process of collecting his different data, to prevent him from making mistakes when giving us the information. That’s why we added some “wizard” windows in which it would be explained what data is being requested and how it must provided. The goal of our program is to provide an account of the activity and forecasts of future results of the company, to assist managers in strategy and organizational decisions. The last part of our software is the most relevant. It concerns all the analysis of the data. This analysis would take different forms. First of all, the user will get his traditional accounting documents which are the income statement and the treasury cash flows. Moreover, as we would like to make the results of the analysis more visual and easier to understand, we furnish some diagrams and scalable graphics in which the user will be able to interpret and compare his results through the different periods of his activity. In conclusion, we hope that our software will help managers of start-­‐ups and SMEs in their strategic decisions in order to make their companies last over time and allow them to evolve and to adapt to their economic environment.


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