Our project ConductHome aims at being a simple and easy interface between a user and his home automation system.

Indeed, through our researches on home automation, we quickly realized how some systems and menus were lacking ergonomics. It is a shame, because as the market of home automation is booming, new products are developed at a rapid pace. As a consequence, there is a large range of manufacturers for every kind of products, often incompatible with each other. It creates a complex environment the user has to deal with. We wanted ConductHome to be the link between this complex environment and the user to make home automation more appealing.

With ConductHome, it will be possible to control your home with a simple gesture. Indeed, ConductHome will detect the movement you describe over it, thanks to a gesture recognition device, the LeapMotion, developed by LeapMotion Inc. Thanks to the LED Trellis, it is possible to assign equipment from your home to the LEDs, chose which equipment you want to command, and activate them all at once in one gesture.

Place your ConductHome anywhere you want in the house. It is mobile and easy to carry thanks to the Raspberry-PI 2 carrying our software.

ConductHome is communicating with home automation boxes via HTTP requests. Each home automation box has its own protocol to communicate to its equipment, but all of them can receive orders through HTTP requests, even though the syntax is often slightly different. For now, ConductHome can only communicate with Zibase home automation boxes, but thanks to that, it is possible to easily add other makers to the list, and even future makers.

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