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In the launch of their new range of EVI PTZ camera, SONY France wants to develop a new Android application, which will interact with those cameras, designed to equip conference rooms, hospitals, and auditoriums.

The objective of our project is to develop this application. In the context of a conference, it will provide an automatic tracking of the speaker by the EVI product in order to broadcast a video stream on a display or an external retransmission system. The speaker will be able to move freely in the room, regardless its displacements or the field of the camera.

Our project holds a strategic issue for Sony, not only the application enhances the range of EVI cameras, but it will also create new opportunities for the company.

Fixed on a support in the back of the auditorium, the touchpad’s high definition camera has a clear and global view of the motion area of the speaker. The video stream is analyzed, through the open graphic library Open CV, to determine the spatial position of the speaker. Based on the spatial coordinates, the application controls in real‐time the EVI camera wirelessly to track the speaker.

Our system, composed of the tablet and the EVI camera, requires a calibration phase at the first installation (and each time a component of the system is moved). The calibration, designed to be intuitive, simple and fast, is performed directly on the tablet. You will just need to choose reference points, such as the four corners of the stage.

No additional installation is required as all exchanges of information will be done by Wi‐Fi. Our system is cheaper than those of the competing suppliers, which make us the ideal solution for educational institutions with small budget, who want to modernize themselves.

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