The aim of this project is to provide a software that would analyse the market trends from many sources of information from the Internet and indicate to the user a buy/sell order on stocks and shares.

Nowadays in the financial industry, computers make most of the trades. Human traders make only 30% of the trades. The automation of the trades is progressing, but these robot-traders are just based on mathematical models, which are analysing the numerical values of the stock and charts. This is called technical analysis or graphical analysis. The other type of analysis is called fundamental analysis. The idea is to pick up news, regarding the market, analyse them and take a decision of buying, selling or doing nothing. This work is mostly done by traders for their own interest, but also by Securities or Research analysts or hedge fund managers, which are working for other investors. Financial developers have tried and are still trying to automate this fundamental analysis, but without significant results.

The subject of our PPE is to provide, to common user like you and me, software that would analyse the market trends from many sources of information from the Internet. It will analyse through an algorithm, which analyse the relevance of information. Then it will indicate to the user a buy/sell order on stock shares. This project fits in the Contest valorisation. We want to participate in the monthly contest of ABC Bourse, which brings together each month about 4,000 participants. This contest is a contest of stock equity portfolio management. The ABC Bourse contest is focused on the French stock market, consequently we will focus our analysis work on French information’s streams.

Nowadays, we know there are few applications doing this fundamental analysis, developed by private company toward private investors. But we cannot say these applications have proved their efficiency. Surely banks have developed their own application or system to analyse these news, but they’re keeping jealously their secret.

Our first intuition was to work on Big Data. We made a lot of research about this possibility and conclude to the point that our material could not support such an amount of data. Then we reoriented our subject on the analysis of data from the Internet. The treatment of Big Data’s information could be an enhancement perspective.

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